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I am a newcomer to the Hulks narratives. I decided to check this series out after hearing it explored anger and dealing with trauma, key themes with which I strongly identify. This series so far focuses on how Jennifer Walters, a lawyer, tries to go back to living after a near death experience and the loss of her cousin, Bruce Banner.In this particular issue, one of her clients, a survivor of trauma herself, is struggling to protect herself through sketchy means. We see a juxtaposition between Jennifer and her client, both coping in their own ways. Her client also seems like a potential cautionary tale: figure out how to cope or you might end up like her! A best friend shows up and we also continue to see a journalist trying to peak through Jens life. Despite what the covers indicate, theres no action so far. We know Jen is barely holding it together, where most of her rage is actually targeted at herself and her computers. It all feels very realistic, relatable, and compelling. I find that I really want to go back and read up on my Hulk history. Whether or not I end up doing that, its clear that this series will satisfy any reader looking for complex women characters, exploring the aftermath of violence and trauma, and great character development.

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